Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You Never Know Who's On The Phone

It was 6:08 P.M. Friday and I was surreptitiously trying to sneak out of my office to enjoy a much anticipated weekend. I was closing my email with glee when I saw a voice mail come through. I'm not sure if you have ever seen the cartoon where you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder - but there I was. One side whispering in my ear to get out of the office, and the other one saying, "listen to the message".

So I of course gave in and listened to the message. The gentleman on the phone was having problems setting up his network and needed help so he could use FMTouch. I thought to myself, this will be a quick call, I will call him from my cell phone on the way home.

I spoke with the gentleman, he was in a bit of a panic as he had to fly out to the UK the next day and he wanted to make sure he had his database on his iPhone. Quickly I realized that he had never set-up a network, and his FileMaker knowledge was minimal. He had never installed a plug-in before and could not copy things from folder to folder. My quick 10 minute call suddenly turned into an hour. The customer was extremely happy and I was elated to have helped him solve his problem.

Not 15 minutes later the phone rang again. He had more questions about updating his new database. This went on until 10 P.M. He thanked me again and told me that I had gone above and beyond the call of duty and that he would like to send me a token of thanks. I said that this was not necessary that I was truly happy that he could now fly overseas with FileMaker in his pocket.

I received an email from him, thanking me again for my time and requesting my address. I looked at the signature line of the email. I looked again. The person that I was talking to was an executive producer for NBC that had won an Emmy, a Peabody award, and had directed movies, HBO specials etc. He had just finished shooting a documentary and wanted to send me a copy of the documentary as a way of saying thanks.

I had no idea who I was talking to on the phone. Many times we never do. This gentleman is an extremely influential person with a lot of contacts and in a very big industry. I can be assured that when he talks about FMWebschool, and FMTouch that he will let everyone know that we truly support our product, and that we care about our customers.

You certainly don't have to go to the extremes that I went through, but I put myself into my customers shoes. He is traveling out of the country, he needs things to be working. We were able to take that stress off of his shoulders and allow him to concentrate and enjoy his trip.

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