Wednesday, July 15, 2009


FMTouch Developer Version - Test Submitted to Apple

If you have been following along, FMWebschool has been working on a developer version of FMTouch that will allow FileMaker developers to create FileMaker / FMTouch bundled solutions and then sell them (yourselves) on the iTunes store.

Pretty radical! This means you don't have to know any code - you will just create your FileMaker solution - bundle it with FMTouch and then we will compile it so it meets Apples guidelines - and then you submit it to Apple to be sold on the Apple App store.

We are testing this theory now with an application we have submitted named: FMGolf

If Apple approves our trial run - then we will sell a developer version of FMTouch that will allow for rapid development of iPhone Applications for FileMaker developers.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


New FMTouch Installer Package for the Mac

If you use a Mac, here is a simple way to install the FileMaker plug-in for FMTouch!

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Monday, April 27, 2009


New Update Released For Approval Today 1.4.0

We have submitted a new release candidate to the Apple Store for approval today. This is the much awaited 1.4.0 version. Here is what we have included.

Here is a list of the new features and upates!

* Perform Script - FMTouch now supports loops and if statements
* Syncing images in an embedded container field
* "Sum" and auto enter calcs now work
* CSV Export (This is a big addition - requested by hundreds of users to be able to export their data to be used in other applications. This works wonderfully) use the "send mail" script in your FileMaker database. You will be presented with several options in FMTouch, choose the CSV option to create a CSV record of your file - and email it as an attachment. Very cool new feature.
- Support for aggregate functions of Sum and Count
- Properly working calculations that are based on other calculations, equals, not equals, and or
- 30-80% faster sync times
- Added support for 15 other calculation engine functions
- Tabbing between fields
- Improved support for value lists, values properly sorted now
- Voice recording and playback using container fields (This is another biggie, we have had doctors, lawyers, realtors all asking for this feature.)
- Improved support for a number of other script steps
- Slightly more intuitive interface when updating a DDR or initializing
the database

As you can see we have been very busy!

Here's a fun movie to check out - Enjoy

FMTouch Tic-Tac-Toe

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When Bloggers Go Wrong

I have been speaking with John Gordon about his blog post - I have revised this blog post to focus on being informative.

So I thought I would take a few moment to dissect his blog post and then give answers to a few things that others may find confusing.

1. Here is his first comment - They’re at version 1.35 now; it is supposed to work with FileMaker 8 – 10 (I’m on version 8; FM Inc hasn’t done anything of interest to me for a while – I’m only on v8 because OS X required an update).

Stephen Knight - 1.40 is now available at the App store. Yes, it does work with FileMaker 8-10.

2. Problem is, it’s $70, and there’s no “LITE” version to test with.

Stephen Knight - Here's why we currently do not have a lite version?

One of my first questions is what would we take out? I hate the thought of limiting any of the features for FMTouch. Our direction is not to create a lite version, but to create a powerful application that does great things. Plus the price range enables us to employ a support team that is focused on the customer.

We could certainly lower the price to $29.99 and sell a million of these apps, but that is not our goal. We would drown in support. Our goal is to sell a respectable amount of FMTouch and concentrate on product excellence and support.

The App Store reviews are marginal

Stephen Knight - The App store ratings are actually really good. 4 Stars for a software product is not easy! Our clients have to BUY FMTouch to post a comment on the App store. I'm not sure but I don't think that a lot of people would post a good review after spending $70 if they did not mean it!

4. The app is reasonably popular, but the vendor’s blog has been pretty quiet and the web site has been poorly maintained.

Stephen Knight - Yes, thank you for calling me out on the blog. I certainly do need to do a better job, and bringing this to my attention is very helpful. I will be more active and keep the FMTouch community more informed. - On a side note - most FMTouchers are hearing from me via email. Please make sure you join our mailing list. I email quite often about what's going on. (Update) As promised, I've been posting more to our blogs as well as to our mailing list. You will also notice that the website is going through a new face lift. Thanks for putting the fire under the seat of my pants!

FMTouch website - is going through a lot of changes - we are actually re-working all of the websites - - etc.. Also please remember our forums - they are very busy as well -

5. The “tutorial” on sync is a screencast only. I can’t find any reviews from my usual trusted sources.

Stephen Knight - The user guide goes into detail on syncing and all aspects of FMTouch - - The style guide gives all kinds of help on developing the right look and feel for FMTouch -

To the FMTouch community - we will continue to endeavor to develop a superior product - we will continue to listen to you - and we will always strive to do our best to provide excellent customer service.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry to be personal, but are you stylish?

Hello fellow touchers - outside it's a cold miserable rainy day, but here inside the FMWebschool office it's nothing but sunshine and flowers. Why is that? Well I'll tell you. We have a new style guide written by none other than style guru Sir Andy Gaunt.

If your FMTouch solution is not adorned in Mr. Gaunt's stylings, you may want to take a peek at his exquisite offerings. Style Guide. The Style Guide is a cornacopia of information on font sizes, colors, layout design and more. The new style guide can change your database from ordinary to extraordinary.

Listen to what Maggie Baker had to say. "Before using the style guide my database was ordinary. And after using the style guide it was well, extraordinary." Of course we made that up but if there is a Maggie Baker using FMTouch and if she is using the style guide, I am quite sure those very words would have flown freely from her lips.

So be sure to download your copy of the style guide today, and make your database the envy of the FileMaker community.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


You Never Know Who's On The Phone

It was 6:08 P.M. Friday and I was surreptitiously trying to sneak out of my office to enjoy a much anticipated weekend. I was closing my email with glee when I saw a voice mail come through. I'm not sure if you have ever seen the cartoon where you have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder - but there I was. One side whispering in my ear to get out of the office, and the other one saying, "listen to the message".

So I of course gave in and listened to the message. The gentleman on the phone was having problems setting up his network and needed help so he could use FMTouch. I thought to myself, this will be a quick call, I will call him from my cell phone on the way home.

I spoke with the gentleman, he was in a bit of a panic as he had to fly out to the UK the next day and he wanted to make sure he had his database on his iPhone. Quickly I realized that he had never set-up a network, and his FileMaker knowledge was minimal. He had never installed a plug-in before and could not copy things from folder to folder. My quick 10 minute call suddenly turned into an hour. The customer was extremely happy and I was elated to have helped him solve his problem.

Not 15 minutes later the phone rang again. He had more questions about updating his new database. This went on until 10 P.M. He thanked me again and told me that I had gone above and beyond the call of duty and that he would like to send me a token of thanks. I said that this was not necessary that I was truly happy that he could now fly overseas with FileMaker in his pocket.

I received an email from him, thanking me again for my time and requesting my address. I looked at the signature line of the email. I looked again. The person that I was talking to was an executive producer for NBC that had won an Emmy, a Peabody award, and had directed movies, HBO specials etc. He had just finished shooting a documentary and wanted to send me a copy of the documentary as a way of saying thanks.

I had no idea who I was talking to on the phone. Many times we never do. This gentleman is an extremely influential person with a lot of contacts and in a very big industry. I can be assured that when he talks about FMWebschool, and FMTouch that he will let everyone know that we truly support our product, and that we care about our customers.

You certainly don't have to go to the extremes that I went through, but I put myself into my customers shoes. He is traveling out of the country, he needs things to be working. We were able to take that stress off of his shoulders and allow him to concentrate and enjoy his trip.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Andy Gaunt to Broadcast Live Video of FMTouch

Andy Gaunt of FMPug will be demonstrating FMTouch Live today at 1:00 PM EDT. You can log-on to watch Andy at

Andy is the author of the now infamous Style Guide which many FMToucher's are using to create iPhone centric layouts in FileMaker.

We (the creators of FMTouch) will be participating live as well by answering questions and ushering up a few well placed jokes - I mean helpful comments along the way.

We hope to see you there! I'll be blogging about the presentation once Maestro Gaunt is finished the broadcast.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight
"Has your database been touched"?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Welcome To the FMTouch Blog

Welcome to the FMTouch Blog. The creators of FMTouch will be posting several times a week about new updates, feature requests, news, new products etc...

We would also like to give you a chance to get to know us. We will endeavor to make ourselves as accessible as possible.

For those of you wondering what FMTouch is, FMTouch is a software application written by the team at FMWebschool. FMTouch enables you to run FileMaker Pro on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

FMTouch supports multiple databases. Imagine having your contacts database, your inventory database, all with you on your iPhone. You can access your data anywhere and never have to worry about internet connections. While everyone else is suffering from the “no bars” crisis, you can be the hero by having all of your FileMaker data running locally on your iPhone. If you add, edit or delete records from your FMTouch database, you can easily sync to your main FileMaker database on your local or served file with our secure sync plug-in. FMTouch works equally well on both Macintosh and Windows.

We are extremely excited to be developing a tool that will change the face of the mobile market!

In Kindness
The Team at FMWebschool

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