Monday, March 15, 2010


FileMaker iPhone with FileMaker 11

FileMaker iPhone with FileMaker 11

A few days ago FileMaker Inc., announced FileMaker 11. FMWebschool has released a new plug-in that allows everyone to use FileMaker 11 with FMTouch.

filemaker iPhone
FileMaker iPhone - click above image

If you will be working with FileMaker 11 and FMTouch please make sure you download the new plug-in at FileMaker made some changes to the DDR that affects imbedded images, and this plug-in is an update to accomodate the changes.

We are extremely excited about this new release, and plan on adding many new exciting features to FMTouch.

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FileMaker iPad with FMTouch

FileMaker iPad with FMTouch

FMWebschool has been working with the new iPad SDK, and we are happy to say that FMTouch will be ready when Apple releases the iPad on April 3.

#FileMaker iPad solution

There is a new plug-in at for FileMaker 11. We are very excited about the new posibilities of using FMTouch with the iPad. The expanded view will allow for some amazing FileMaker databases - and testing shows that the iPad is handling databases about 40% faster than the iPhone.

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Monday, October 26, 2009


iPhone 3.0 Breaks Syncing - Apple Bug on iPhone

Bug in Apple iPhone 3.0 Causing Syncing Issues

A number of FMTouch users are reporting problems with syncing.

Unfortunately this is a well documented bug in the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade. Essentially when you upgrade an iPhone to 3.0 (or sometimes even to just 3.0.1) and choose to "Restore from Backup" the wifi becomes unstable.

One workaround at this time (apart from completely reinstalling iPhone OS on the phone) is to put it into airplane mode during syncing - that will keep the wifi connection stable enough to sync.

There are other apps that are affected by the issue, such as Skype, since it also requires a non-interrupted connection to work.

Hopefully Apple will resolve this quickly.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Windows 7 and FileMaker 10 Compatibility

Windows 7 will be released tomorrow, and many people are wondering if FileMaker will work with Windows 7.

Here's the lowdown from FileMaker Inc.

FileMaker Pro 10 and FileMaker Advanced 10 is compatible with several known issues.

* List control may get garbled when scrolling
* Mouse clicking outside of a modal dialog box causes the dialog box to flash excessively
* Opened file names are not added to the Recent list

FileMaker Server 10 and FileMaker Server Advanced 10 are not compatible.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight
FileMaker hosting made easy

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Micro Focus Part 2

Micro Focus Part 2

In my last article I discussed the inability for people to focus for more than a few minutes on any give task. The article also focuses on the emotional attachment that we affix to social media and our online persona. I am going to delve a little more into why we are only able to concentrate in micro burst, the psychological benefits we receive from being a part of the crowd and ways to be productive in the world that demands our constant attention.

Is it vanity or insanity that encourages us to open seemingly unlimited channels of access to our daily lives? In an effort to get more done we have actually created an environment which is the antithesis of productivity. Why have we suddenly felt the need to be connected on so many levels? Each of these levels includes a specific value of importance, whether it be email, IM’s, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, cell phone, phone or physical intrusions – we place a certain value or level of importance on each.

Why do we allow these interruptions? How can we possibly be productive in an environment where we cannot focus on our task at hand because we are worried about delivering a witty remark on twitter – or responding to an instant message. Why do we do this? It’s simple; it is basic human nature to belong, to congregate, to communicate.

The first thing that people do in a conversation is they try to find something in common. It’s critical. In fact, individuals will begin a conversation with probing questions ‘many times subconsciously’ until they hit upon something that they have in common with the other person. Then this ‘similarity’ will be the catalyst that will lead into further conversation and acceptance. We tend to like people that share similar interests so it is paramount that we discover this in others in order to converse.

The same applies to social media. Look at the groups that have formed online, Facebook is a great example nearly ½ the population of the US has a Facebook account, Twitter is growing faster than facebook with millions of users. People are spending twice as much time online than they are watching TV. The need to congregate and communicate is an incredible driving force of human nature.

We will allow interruption in our lives because we need the interruption. Whether we like it or not, we need significance we need ‘social validation’. We need to feel that our life has value, that we are smart, that we are funny, that we are productive and our lives are interesting - not only interesting but interesting enough for others to want to take time out of their lives to read about what we are doing. We seek validation from others; we seek to prove to ourselves and others that we are interesting, that our lives have meaning.

We also have the need to feel connected. Believe me you are - your connected to cable, your cell phone, the internet, chats, blogs, forums, IM’s, and to various social media groups. What does this do to our productivity, the way we think, the way we interact with others?

For many it adds a new level of stress to their lives that must be addressed and explored. You see not to long ago we used to communicate with maybe 3-5 people every day – but now with Twitter and other micro blogging platforms – we suddenly converse with hundreds of people. We now have the expectation of not only communicating but creating an online persona that is interesting and responsive. Here is where things begin to fall apart.

Many people find themselves feeling needing to twitter to validate their actions. Any task or any action that is deemed to have some importance or value – they feel the need to twitter about it. So suddenly they are torn, they move from being productive – to feeling a responsibility to Twitter. The same thing happens with Facebook, and other micro blogging sites. Not so much with IM’s as there is not the ‘group’ acceptance or expectation.

In many ways, the way we communicate has changed as well as stayed the same. The same psychological needs are there, but the responsibilities that we have placed on ourselves have changed. We are now challenged to converse in micro burst of text. Will this cross over to our daily lives and interactions with our families or fellow co-workers? Will this change our way of thinking and processing? Will we adapt and become proficient in multitasking and rapidly making decisions? This still remains to be seen.

I for one am still exploring the value of social networking and micro blogging. I can see that it can be a powerful way to interact with hundreds of people at once, but I also see how it can destroy productivity and consistent thought flow. To stave the psychological drive that I have to communicate with others and seek social validation I created a few simple guidelines for myself. They have greatly increased my productivity and still allowed me to be active in the social community and to respond to the multiple interruptions that I receive throughout the day.

Bay steps to freedom. *See confession below*

On average I receive 60-80 personal emails a day. These may be support emails, questions about products, request for information etc. I was at the point where I was checking my email every 10 minutes to make sure that no one had to wait for a response. This was an ABSOLUTE productivity killer and I was in ‘constant’ reaction mode. It was an emotional yo-yo that affected the way I responded to my staff and family. This was an incredibly hard habit to break, but I managed to develop a way to handle my emails quickly and efficiently and with amazing focus.

I schedule 3 times that I would check my email, morning, after lunch, and at the end of the day. I gave myself one hour to answer all of my emails – each section broken up into a 20 minute time period. I set a timer, and then focused purely on getting as many emails answered as I could in my allotted time. When the timer went off, I closed my email and moved to my next task on my list. The amazing thing, because I knew that I had only twenty minutes – I was able to focus completely on my task and be extremely productive. This system works great for me.

I have also found that if there is truly an emergency (which I always worried about – that was one of my reasons for constantly checking my email) that they ‘will’ find other ways to get in touch with you.

If you are working on a project, set a timer for 30 minutes – and work solely on that project for 30 minutes. Build your time up to 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break to brainstorm and let your mind explore. I have found that at MAX I am able to code – or be hyper productive where it takes complete focus for only 5-6 hours a day -However setting the timer at 50 minute intervals keeps me focused and driven.

Make a list, and follow the list! This sounds simple, but it is much more than just the activity of writing a to-do list. Psychologically it is a powerful affirmation of things that you will get done. You are involving your physiology in the process – and many times just the pure process of physically writing the list will help you expand on ideas or tasks that you need to accomplish. Writing accesses a different part of the brain – so expect other ideas and creative additions to become manifest as you begin creating your lists.

Set aside 20 minutes a day for social media. As I said above, I use a daily task list to get the most out of my days. I do the same for social media – like Twitter. On my to-do list I leave 20 minutes for Forum posts, blogs and Twitter. I will jot little notes or things that I want to converse about. I give myself 3 opportunities during the day to post to social media sites.

The above tasks are simple, but they have played a powerful role in helping me take back control of my life. The difference is I still feel connected, but I feel more in control and less reactionary. I can feel the difference as my stress level has decreased and the emotional roller coaster ride I used to take each day has disappeared – that amusement park has closed down. My family and my fellow co-workers are grateful for the change – and I feel like I have regained an important piece of my life and my sanity.

In my next article I will discuss the value you receive from social media and the impact that it has on your life and your business.

I truly hope this article is helpful to everyone that reads it. I understand the psychological pull for connection and the need to communicate. I for one am glad to have found a way to focus – and regain my ability to be productivity; it has given me a chance to spend more time with my family and my wonderful darling daughter who I love so much. I hope this article helps you experience just a little more freedom in your life and provides you with a few insights that enable you to spend more quality time with your family and friends.

*** (I must admit here, that while writing this article I developed a tool to help me monitor my tasks and remain on schedule. I developed a simple Flash application that runs on my desktop. It allows me to add the tasks I want to accomplish, and set a timer for each task. Once the time runs out on that task, an alarm sounds, and I can move on to the next task. If you are interested in this tool, I will package it into an executable and make it available for everyone.) ***

To learn more about Stephen Knight and FMWebschool, please follow me on Twitter at –

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


FMTouch Developer Version - Test Submitted to Apple

If you have been following along, FMWebschool has been working on a developer version of FMTouch that will allow FileMaker developers to create FileMaker / FMTouch bundled solutions and then sell them (yourselves) on the iTunes store.

Pretty radical! This means you don't have to know any code - you will just create your FileMaker solution - bundle it with FMTouch and then we will compile it so it meets Apples guidelines - and then you submit it to Apple to be sold on the Apple App store.

We are testing this theory now with an application we have submitted named: FMGolf

If Apple approves our trial run - then we will sell a developer version of FMTouch that will allow for rapid development of iPhone Applications for FileMaker developers.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


FileMaker Pro for BlackBerry Storm, Pearl, Curve and Bold

Very soon, FMWebschool will be releasing a very powerful relational database system for the BlackBerry. FMTouchBB will allow multiple related tables and databases. You will be able to sync back to FileMaker Client and to FileMaker Server.

The beginning of July will mark over 9 months of programming - and we have decided give everyone a look at FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

So, imagine if you will, the ability to run a relational database, view, sort, edit, create records, display portals, images in portals, value lists, display layout objects, and container fields and sync. You can access all of your FileMaker data without being connected to the internet. Your data will be running locally on your BlackBerry:)

We have created a simple FileMaker Devcon Database to give an example of FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

Contact's Layout with fields, number formatting, container fields, and layout objects displaying.

Exhibitors Table / Layout with fields, portals pulling from a related table and layout objects showing.

Agenda with multiple layout objects, and value lists

Contact's database running on the BlackBerry Curve.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about FileMaker and the BlackBerry - be sure to join the FMTouch notification / email group at or follow me on Twiter

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


New FMTouch Update Underway

We are currently working on a new update to be released to the Apple store in about a week for approval. Here is what we are working on :)

We will have one more major release after this one before the FileMaker convention. I will be posting as to the new features that will be included.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009


New FMTouch Installer Package for the Mac

If you use a Mac, here is a simple way to install the FileMaker plug-in for FMTouch!

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Friday, May 29, 2009


FMTouch Saves Patirent from Medical Mishap

Raylene Renfrow has developed a great FileMaker iPhone application called "My Medical History". You can see it here.

Little did she know that her application would help to save someones life. Her client - we will call him "Bob" for anonymity has a serious medical condition. Recently Bob was at the doctor for his routine visit when the nurse came in to give him a shot.

He asked the nurse what it was that she was giving him. When she told him, he said "I've already had that shot. She argued with him and wanted to continue on and give him the shot.

He opened "My Medical History" on his iPhone and showed her that he had already received the shot - and asked her to check her records. The nurse left and went to verify his story. She came back and told him that he was correct - and that she was extremely sorry.

He emailed her a copy of his Medical History report - the report contained his photo - and all of his medical history. Raylene tells me that the nurse was amazed and asked him how he did it.

Since Bob has a serious medical condition it is extremley important for him to have all of his medical information with him.

Raylene also went on to tell me that the reason he had called - and told her the story because he wanted to get her KidID kit for the iPhone and wanted to know if she was going to make "Vital Info" (A complete record of ALL your personal, medical, financial etc., business in case you are unable or unavailalbe to handle your affairs.

Great job Raylene!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Micro Focus Part 1
By Stephen Knight

It was a normal weekend and I was taking a relaxing stroll through the neighborhood with my wife. We came upon a group of children playing a game of kick ball. Right away I was swept back to childhood playing kickball in my backyard. All of the neighborhood kids loved to play kickball at our house because we had a huge flat backyard – with a 6 foot high fence. Kick the ball over the opposite fence and it was the same as scoring a home run.

We stood and watched the children for a minute, not much seemed to change – except… what was she doing? The girl that was supposed to be up next to kick ran over to her cell phone and began texting furiously. I could tell by the telltale ‘thumbs-a-flying” technique which I as an adult had never mastered.

Over the course of the next 5 minutes this little girl ran back to her phone a half dozen times. She couldn’t even focus on the game – this 10 year old girl was already beginning to play her part in a “Micro-Focused” society. In this article I’m going to explain how Micro Focus is taking over our ability to focus and be productive. Our mind is playing a peripheral game of ping-pong – we are losing the ability to maintain long term focus and produce quality results in our endeavors.

Psychologists say this is a real problem – as humans we have an incredible filtering system that allows us to be bombarded with sounds, thoughts, and internal and external stimulus. Our mind is so advanced that we are instantly able to filter out what is necessary – and we are able to instantly stamp a level of value to that stimulus – and we do this all unconsciously.

That’s one of the reasons why we can be in a car daydreaming and suddenly we find ourselves tuned into a radio commercial. We’ve unconsciously ignored all of the other advertisements, but suddenly something triggered in our mind and we are now interested in what is being said. We’ve applied a value to this commercial and now our conscious mind is prompting us to pay attention. Here is where the trouble starts.

It is the Value Level that we have used for years that is actually causing us problems now. The same values that make our conscious mind pay attention to certain stimuli also come with different levels of emotional attachment.

The greater the emotional level, the more we pay attention – the more “value” we place on this stimulus, the greater chance that we will physically take action. Our conscious mind will step in and demand some type of action. Our reactions will vary depending on the stimuli; we may react in anger, reciprocity or the need for self fulfillment. But the difference is, we take action.

Why now? Why are we losing our ability to focus on one task and be productive? A few of reasons, validation, social proof and fear are strong triggers that demand attention. The new world of social media / networking has put tools in our hands that can be immensely valuable – yet many of us are not psychologically ready to handle the responsibility that comes with this new environment. Individuals actually split into multiple personalities to conform to their online persona.

Let’s take Twitter as an example. Twitter is an online social networking site that allows individuals to communicate in short 160 word bursts. Twitter was created so you could tell your friends in just a few words what you are doing. “I’m going to go see Star Trek”. “I’m at the deli ordering a club sandwich”. On the onset this seems to be pretty benign.

The more you Twitter the more friends will be following you. In no time you can have literally hundreds of people following you – and all of them posting about their day. Suddenly something extremely simple has become so much more. Expectations are suddenly attached – and with those expectations – emotions.

The fact is we become reactionary – we begin to feel the NEED to Twitter, and the need to comment, we suddenly have the feeling of responsibility. Over the past few weeks of observing Twitter there are individuals that post all day long incessantly. They feel the need to be connected; everyone else after all is doing it (Social Proof) so I need to do it to. I also need to feel important (Validation) so I need to Twitter about all of the amazing things that I am doing in my life.

Is Twitter bad? No, not at all it can be a very valuable tool for business and a way to communicate with friends. The danger comes when you feel that in the middle of working on a project that you have a “responsibility to post”. We have to establish guidelines and instead of reacting to emotions that we place on online communities – we have to step back and look at the reality of the situation.

Ask yourself intelligent questions that lead to more productivity and to a positive outcome. Do I visit the Twitter website more than 3 times a day? What are the triggers – why do I feel the need to continually visit and post to Twitter? Could I be more productive if I changed my Twitter habits to twice a day? How could I use Twitter to benefit me and my goals? How can I incorporate Twitter into a process that helps build productivity and is part of a focused plan?

I’m not just picking on Twitter, as an experiment as I typed this article; I left all of the bells and whistles on my computer and set my cell phone beside me on my desk. In the short hour that it has taken me to write this article, numerous text messages have come through, my Skype line has rang several times, I’ve received several messages from Google Talk and Skype, and the little flag that lets me know that I have emails have popped up several times. I’ve also been interrupted twice by employees coming to my office to ask questions.

But this is the world that we live in. This is the world we have created that takes away our ability to focus. It is all of these little micro elements of interruption that capture our attention. As my phone Skype went off I took a look at the number and I made sure that I captured the call into voicemail.

My eyes flickered down to look at the email flag to make sure it wasn’t emergency support. Google Talk and Skype Instant Messages – I checked those to make sure I wasn’t needed immediately – yet they still triggered a “value” inside of me that caused a reaction.

The typical person checks their email 5 times a day. There are many people that I work with that check their email constantly – every ten minutes they are checking their email. 82% of people have either Skype or some sort of instant message software running continually on their computer as they work.

We are losing the ability to focus – we are becoming a society that is living life in Micro Blasts of reaction to stimulus. Productivity actually when broken down equates to simplicity. It breaks down to having a plan of action and making decisions. It is understanding the emotional value that we place on things and acknowledging the difference between action and reacting.

Next Month I’ll cover -
So what can we do to begin to break our pattern of reacting? What can we do to make ourselves more productive? How can we begin to live life in the moment and not be ruled by emotions that we have attached to our social interactions be they online or in life? How can we establish new guidelines and procedures that allow us to feel that we are still fulfilling expectations while not being reactionary?

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to post your thoughts!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


FMTouch and Bento for the iPhone

I have received a lot of emails from our concerned friends about FileMaker releasing Bento for the iPhone. Their concerns have been that it will hurt our sales, and that we will have to wage a marketing war against FileMaker.

Please do not worry - FileMaker's launch actually helped to propel FMTouch even further. Here's how.

1. FileMaker is running a heavy marketing campaign - this campaign has helped to introduce people to FMTouch - more people are visiting the Apple store and searching for FileMaker and finding us.

2. Bento only syncs with the Mac, there is no Bento product for the PC, that is great for us! You see about 95% of the businesses out there use PC's and they do not want to use a program that only syncs with the Mac.

3. A BIGGIE - Bento is not secure. Did you know that last year over 8 million cell phones were lost or stolen. FileMaker is pushing for people to use Bento to store personal and business information. Think about this, would you want someone to have access to all of your contact information, know where you work, where your kids go to school, where you live, your friends addresses and numbers and email addresses.

You see when we created FMTouch we realized that personal and business data needed to be secure - so we went through a 3 month process with the U.S. government to be able to sell a product that offered 128 bit encryption. This means your data is locked down and safe. No one can access your databases.

4. Bento simply lacks the power of FMTouch. The ability to generate PDF reports, .CSV reports, signature capture, sound recording, scripting, calculations .....

So no, we are simply not worried at all. We will continue to work hard - support our customers and add new core functionality and features to FMTouch and change the way people use their smartphones!

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Monday, May 11, 2009


New 1.40 Feature Executing Scripts

One of the new and exciting features in FMTouch is the ability to run a script before and after syncing - watch this movie to learn how.

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FMTouch Embedded Containers 1.40

We've added some cool new features to FMTouch! One of the new features enables you to sync embedded container fields. I know that is a mouthful, but watch this movie and you'll see how useful it truly is!

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Monday, April 27, 2009


New Update Released For Approval Today 1.4.0

We have submitted a new release candidate to the Apple Store for approval today. This is the much awaited 1.4.0 version. Here is what we have included.

Here is a list of the new features and upates!

* Perform Script - FMTouch now supports loops and if statements
* Syncing images in an embedded container field
* "Sum" and auto enter calcs now work
* CSV Export (This is a big addition - requested by hundreds of users to be able to export their data to be used in other applications. This works wonderfully) use the "send mail" script in your FileMaker database. You will be presented with several options in FMTouch, choose the CSV option to create a CSV record of your file - and email it as an attachment. Very cool new feature.
- Support for aggregate functions of Sum and Count
- Properly working calculations that are based on other calculations, equals, not equals, and or
- 30-80% faster sync times
- Added support for 15 other calculation engine functions
- Tabbing between fields
- Improved support for value lists, values properly sorted now
- Voice recording and playback using container fields (This is another biggie, we have had doctors, lawyers, realtors all asking for this feature.)
- Improved support for a number of other script steps
- Slightly more intuitive interface when updating a DDR or initializing
the database

As you can see we have been very busy!

Here's a fun movie to check out - Enjoy

FMTouch Tic-Tac-Toe

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


iPhone 3.0 Copy, Cut Paste

iPhone 3.0 has some very exciting new things to offer for iPhone developers and iPhone users. Let's start with - copy, cut and paste. Macworld's iPhone Central has a great article on many of the new features and goes into a lot of detail about - you guessed it, the lovely ability to cut and paste.

iPhone Central article

One of the exciting new features is a subscription model in the App store. This will allow software developers selling games and business applications to include modules, and extended levels that they can sell as additions to their core product.

There are many other exciting features in this update, you can read about them here.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008


How do I delete a file off FMTouch?

Hello everyone, I've received several emails on how to delete database files off of the iPhone. So, here you go, a fast and furious tutorial.

Step 1. Click on the lovely FMStudio icon on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Step 2. Once FMTouch launches, click on the little "i" in the right hand bottom corner.

Step 3. Select the database from the list by touching it with your finger.

Step 4. Select the trashcan image.

Step 5. Select either Delete or Cancel from the list

Enjoy FMTouch!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry to be personal, but are you stylish?

Hello fellow touchers - outside it's a cold miserable rainy day, but here inside the FMWebschool office it's nothing but sunshine and flowers. Why is that? Well I'll tell you. We have a new style guide written by none other than style guru Sir Andy Gaunt.

If your FMTouch solution is not adorned in Mr. Gaunt's stylings, you may want to take a peek at his exquisite offerings. Style Guide. The Style Guide is a cornacopia of information on font sizes, colors, layout design and more. The new style guide can change your database from ordinary to extraordinary.

Listen to what Maggie Baker had to say. "Before using the style guide my database was ordinary. And after using the style guide it was well, extraordinary." Of course we made that up but if there is a Maggie Baker using FMTouch and if she is using the style guide, I am quite sure those very words would have flown freely from her lips.

So be sure to download your copy of the style guide today, and make your database the envy of the FileMaker community.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Special iPhone FileMaker Newsletter

While the rest of the FMWebschool team are busily working on the next update of FMTouch, I have surreptitiously removed myself from the great think tank long enough to fire off yet another amazing tome of literary genius. Actually I believe my only job is bringing the developers coffee and cookies, they seem to thrive on copious amounts of sugar.

Onward before I am accused of pontificating. Each month I write a newsletter and release it to the FileMaker community. Currently we have over 7000 subscribers - and I have to think that it's because of my amazing writing skills and not the fact that we give away numerous FileMaker centric applications in each issue.

Next week our newsletter will focus on FileMaker and the iPhone. I'll be discussing all types of iPhone tips as well as developing FileMaker databases for the iPhone. Some of the other articles to be discussed in the Newsletter are - "What computer tools do you use to make your life easier", "How do you handle customer refunds and exhanges", "The future of the mobile market", "How to build a website for the iPhone", and I will be reviewing the book "Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000".

We spend on average 40 hours each month researching articles and creating sample files for the our newsletter. So if you like FileMaker, and you like the iPhone, and here's the kicker - and you like to read (or at least look at pictures) then by all means subscribe to our fascinating newsletter. Subscribe to the Newsletter I know there will still be people asking how to subscribe to the Newsletter. For those of you who fall into this category count backwards 25 words and click on the letters in orange.

Well my short escape has thusly been discovered - back to programming I go.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight

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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Andy Gaunt to Broadcast Live Video of FMTouch

Andy Gaunt of FMPug will be demonstrating FMTouch Live today at 1:00 PM EDT. You can log-on to watch Andy at

Andy is the author of the now infamous Style Guide which many FMToucher's are using to create iPhone centric layouts in FileMaker.

We (the creators of FMTouch) will be participating live as well by answering questions and ushering up a few well placed jokes - I mean helpful comments along the way.

We hope to see you there! I'll be blogging about the presentation once Maestro Gaunt is finished the broadcast.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight
"Has your database been touched"?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Welcome To the FMTouch Blog

Welcome to the FMTouch Blog. The creators of FMTouch will be posting several times a week about new updates, feature requests, news, new products etc...

We would also like to give you a chance to get to know us. We will endeavor to make ourselves as accessible as possible.

For those of you wondering what FMTouch is, FMTouch is a software application written by the team at FMWebschool. FMTouch enables you to run FileMaker Pro on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

FMTouch supports multiple databases. Imagine having your contacts database, your inventory database, all with you on your iPhone. You can access your data anywhere and never have to worry about internet connections. While everyone else is suffering from the “no bars” crisis, you can be the hero by having all of your FileMaker data running locally on your iPhone. If you add, edit or delete records from your FMTouch database, you can easily sync to your main FileMaker database on your local or served file with our secure sync plug-in. FMTouch works equally well on both Macintosh and Windows.

We are extremely excited to be developing a tool that will change the face of the mobile market!

In Kindness
The Team at FMWebschool

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