Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Lawyers using Bento for the iPhone? Think Twice

This blog post should start with a little man vigorously waving a red flag!

I am certainly glad that FileMaker is proud of Bento for the iPhone, and they should be. But, they should also realize that Bento for the iPhone has it's place.

First Hand Knowledge

I'm going to come at this blog with some first hand knowledge being the first in the FileMaker community to create web based FileMaker applications for the iPhone and the first to develop a database system for the iPhone with "Thousands of users".

Lawyers - You need to read this

FileMaker is now Twittering about how Lawyers are using Bento for the iPhone. I do believe that FileMaker should let people know that their data is not secure in the Bento database, and that it should be used for NON SENSITIVE information.

FileMaker is suggesting that you use Bento for the iPhone for the following.

* Your Contacts
* Your Classes
* Your Customers
* Your Expenses
* Your Home Inventory
* Membership Lists
* To-do Lists
* Time Billing

Seems Benign right? Last year nearly 8 million Americans (This is only US figures) nearly 8 million people had their phone lost or stolen. Being that we have thousands of users using our FMTouch - FileMaker application for the iPhone - we received dozens of calls from clients whos iPhones had been lost or stolen.

Your Data is SAFE with FMTouch

At least I know that we did our part - you see FMTouch offers 128 bit encryption. We went through a 3 month process with the U.S. government to get the rights to do this. We wanted to make sure our clients data is safe.

What does FileMaker Tech Support Say?

So I called FileMaker tech support and inquired about Bento for the iPhone and what security they had implemented if my phone were to be lost or stolen. None. Absolutely nothing.

It seems Harmless

Why would something as simple as ** Your Home Inventory** database be dangerous? Well if an unscrupulous individual steals your iPhone and you have your home inventory in Bento for the iPhone - suddenly they have access to your contacts - your personal information - and everything in your house.

If you are a Lawyer - sure go ahead and put your contacts - many of them could be court officials that I'm sure would love their information made public. Or perhaps even your time billing - another thing you want to be made public.

Think things through- what value do you put on your personal information?

It's simple - think through your actions before using a program that does not add protection. Your personal information may soon be everyones information.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


FMTouch and Bento for the iPhone

I have received a lot of emails from our concerned friends about FileMaker releasing Bento for the iPhone. Their concerns have been that it will hurt our sales, and that we will have to wage a marketing war against FileMaker.

Please do not worry - FileMaker's launch actually helped to propel FMTouch even further. Here's how.

1. FileMaker is running a heavy marketing campaign - this campaign has helped to introduce people to FMTouch - more people are visiting the Apple store and searching for FileMaker and finding us.

2. Bento only syncs with the Mac, there is no Bento product for the PC, that is great for us! You see about 95% of the businesses out there use PC's and they do not want to use a program that only syncs with the Mac.

3. A BIGGIE - Bento is not secure. Did you know that last year over 8 million cell phones were lost or stolen. FileMaker is pushing for people to use Bento to store personal and business information. Think about this, would you want someone to have access to all of your contact information, know where you work, where your kids go to school, where you live, your friends addresses and numbers and email addresses.

You see when we created FMTouch we realized that personal and business data needed to be secure - so we went through a 3 month process with the U.S. government to be able to sell a product that offered 128 bit encryption. This means your data is locked down and safe. No one can access your databases.

4. Bento simply lacks the power of FMTouch. The ability to generate PDF reports, .CSV reports, signature capture, sound recording, scripting, calculations .....

So no, we are simply not worried at all. We will continue to work hard - support our customers and add new core functionality and features to FMTouch and change the way people use their smartphones!

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