Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry to be personal, but are you stylish?

Hello fellow touchers - outside it's a cold miserable rainy day, but here inside the FMWebschool office it's nothing but sunshine and flowers. Why is that? Well I'll tell you. We have a new style guide written by none other than style guru Sir Andy Gaunt.

If your FMTouch solution is not adorned in Mr. Gaunt's stylings, you may want to take a peek at his exquisite offerings. Style Guide. The Style Guide is a cornacopia of information on font sizes, colors, layout design and more. The new style guide can change your database from ordinary to extraordinary.

Listen to what Maggie Baker had to say. "Before using the style guide my database was ordinary. And after using the style guide it was well, extraordinary." Of course we made that up but if there is a Maggie Baker using FMTouch and if she is using the style guide, I am quite sure those very words would have flown freely from her lips.

So be sure to download your copy of the style guide today, and make your database the envy of the FileMaker community.

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