Wednesday, July 15, 2009


New version of FMTouch Released to App Store

Sunday July 12th, we released a new version of FMTouch to the App store for approval. We improved connectivity for syncing and we added beta support for barcode scanning :) We also include all of the internals for the Developer Version of FMTouch. I'll cover more details about that in another post.

Hopefully anywhere from 7-14 days this new release will be approved!

v1.484 Updates:
- Slightly improved sync when connecting using server sync
- A couple of small bug fixes
- First time DDR loading after updates now has a message that it may take 1-2 minutes

v1.480 Updates:
- Added beta support for Barcode Scanning
- Waits for opening script to finish before displaying the first layout (this avoids the visual glitch of the full interface if you are trying to hide it)
- Fixed a number of reported crashes
- Added support for the Round calculation function
- Added support for Perform Find (note: no stored find is performed, you must use "Enter Find Mode", a number of Set Field commands, and then "Perform Find" for a find to work)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


FileMaker Pro for BlackBerry Storm, Pearl, Curve and Bold

Very soon, FMWebschool will be releasing a very powerful relational database system for the BlackBerry. FMTouchBB will allow multiple related tables and databases. You will be able to sync back to FileMaker Client and to FileMaker Server.

The beginning of July will mark over 9 months of programming - and we have decided give everyone a look at FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

So, imagine if you will, the ability to run a relational database, view, sort, edit, create records, display portals, images in portals, value lists, display layout objects, and container fields and sync. You can access all of your FileMaker data without being connected to the internet. Your data will be running locally on your BlackBerry:)

We have created a simple FileMaker Devcon Database to give an example of FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

Contact's Layout with fields, number formatting, container fields, and layout objects displaying.

Exhibitors Table / Layout with fields, portals pulling from a related table and layout objects showing.

Agenda with multiple layout objects, and value lists

Contact's database running on the BlackBerry Curve.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about FileMaker and the BlackBerry - be sure to join the FMTouch notification / email group at or follow me on Twiter

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