Friday, June 12, 2009


FMTouch 1.41 Good News and Bad News

I have some good news and I have some bad news. Well twice as much good news as I do bad news.

I'll start with the bad news - we have discovered a couple bugs in FMTouch. Not only discovered but a few people knocked us over the head with them. The good news is these bugs have been squashed with a large sized 12 shoe of programming. Take that you pesky bugs!

The bad news, it will most likely take Apple 5-7 days to release the new update that fixes all of the bugs. This is a typical time-frame for updates. OK, more good news - we are working on the server technology that will allow you to sync to your FileMaker database hosted on good old regular FileMaker Server for the Mac and the PC. That means syncing wherever you have an internet connection. More below..

First with the bugs and what has been fixed

We wanted to be up front and let you know -
Bug fix release addressing several crashes

- Toolbar with Next/Prev/Dial buttons is now properly visible in horizontal mode
- Fixed crash when using table based value lists
- Fixed crash with portal row deletion
- Fixed a number of rare crashes when creating and duplicating new records
- Fixed a number of other minor bugs

This should fix 90% of the crashes FMToucher's are experiencing. I will send an email to Apple Dev as well requesting for a speedy approval for the new udpate.

Server Update

One of the biggest requests that we have received is the ability to sync to FileMaker server via the internet. We are talking regular FileMaker server for the Mac and PC.

Well in our next major update - you will be able to do this. We have been testing in house, and so far our new plug-in works flawlessly. I will be posting to the FMTouch blog and to everyone on our FMTouch notification list when this update has been submitted to Apple.
BlackBerry version of FMTouch

As we are working on the BlackBerry version of FMTouch, please take a few moments and submit some of the scripts you would like to see available in the new version. You can post your suggestions to the FMTouch Blog.

To learn more about what we are up to every day, please follow me on Twitter follow me on Twitter.
Thank you everyone!
In Kindness,
Stephen Knight

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


FileMaker Pro for BlackBerry Storm, Pearl, Curve and Bold

Very soon, FMWebschool will be releasing a very powerful relational database system for the BlackBerry. FMTouchBB will allow multiple related tables and databases. You will be able to sync back to FileMaker Client and to FileMaker Server.

The beginning of July will mark over 9 months of programming - and we have decided give everyone a look at FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

So, imagine if you will, the ability to run a relational database, view, sort, edit, create records, display portals, images in portals, value lists, display layout objects, and container fields and sync. You can access all of your FileMaker data without being connected to the internet. Your data will be running locally on your BlackBerry:)

We have created a simple FileMaker Devcon Database to give an example of FileMaker running on the BlackBerry.

Contact's Layout with fields, number formatting, container fields, and layout objects displaying.

Exhibitors Table / Layout with fields, portals pulling from a related table and layout objects showing.

Agenda with multiple layout objects, and value lists

Contact's database running on the BlackBerry Curve.

For those of you that are interested in learning more about FileMaker and the BlackBerry - be sure to join the FMTouch notification / email group at or follow me on Twiter

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


New FMTouch Update Underway

We are currently working on a new update to be released to the Apple store in about a week for approval. Here is what we are working on :)

We will have one more major release after this one before the FileMaker convention. I will be posting as to the new features that will be included.

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Friday, June 5, 2009


FMTouch Developer License - Publish your solution to iTunes

FMWebschool is working on a solution that allows you to publish your FileMaker application to the iTunes App store. We are working on the documentation that will tell you exactly what you need to do.

What will the developer version do?

The developer version of FMTouch will enable you to bundle your solution with FMTouch and sell it at whatever price point you desire. Your customer will NOT need to buy FMTouch separately.

* You will need to apply for an Apple developers license (usually takes about 24 hours)
* You will have to submit your application to Apple and go through the same approval process that everyone else goes through.
* FMWebschool is going to create a couple basic solutions bundled with FMTouch and submit them to the App store to see if there are any gotchas. This will help us with documentation and improve our bundling process.
* Customers buying your product will not have to have FileMaker Pro - but if you provide a desktop version - they will be able to sync to that version.

Price Points Open to discussion
(Please don't just say "Too high or Too Low" we need a good discussion)

We would like to discuss price points with everyone as this will enable everyone to bundle their solutions and sell them to all Apple iTunes visitors. Remember this puts your App online, worldwide without you having to write or learn any code.

You could create a FileMaker solution, bundle it with FMTouch and then sell it on the Apple App store for $4.99

Developing such a license will affect our sales of FMTouch as we will lose a lot of Enterprise sales where companies buy 50-100 copies of FMTouch at a time.

So these are the price points that we are considering.

Basic Development License $297 - This will enable you to bundle once FileMaker application with FMTouch and sell it on the iTunes store.

Pro Development License $497 - Allows you to bundle up to 5 FileMaker solutions with FMTouch and sell on the iTunes store.

Unlimited Development License $997 - Allows you to bundle as many apps as you like with FMTouch and sell on the iTunes store.

Further Explanation

You would basically be able to create a FileMaker application, bundle it with FMTouch and sell it as your own application without having to learn Objective C, X-Code etc...

All profits would be yours paid to you by Apple, Inc., and you would pay no royalties to FMWebschool.

Further help with Apple Developer License - App Submission Etc...

For developers that would like help with the process of getting their Apple developers license and submitting an application for the first time (as well as help with bundling) we will offer a service where we will do this for you for $197.

We've built several applications, FMTouch, a Battleship App, and a game called WaitAndPlay" so we know our way around the App store and what is required.

Please, we would like your comments on the pricing, and we will let you know how our bundling testing and Apple approval goes.

In Kindness
The team at FMWebschool

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