Monday, October 26, 2009


iPhone 3.0 Breaks Syncing - Apple Bug on iPhone

Bug in Apple iPhone 3.0 Causing Syncing Issues

A number of FMTouch users are reporting problems with syncing.

Unfortunately this is a well documented bug in the Apple iPhone OS 3.0 upgrade. Essentially when you upgrade an iPhone to 3.0 (or sometimes even to just 3.0.1) and choose to "Restore from Backup" the wifi becomes unstable.

One workaround at this time (apart from completely reinstalling iPhone OS on the phone) is to put it into airplane mode during syncing - that will keep the wifi connection stable enough to sync.

There are other apps that are affected by the issue, such as Skype, since it also requires a non-interrupted connection to work.

Hopefully Apple will resolve this quickly.

In Kindness
Stephen Knight

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What type of issues? Is it as mine here:
I had exact the same issue too before I updated my environment to Snow Leopard and FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced.
Maybe a networking issue of Leopard?
I hope this helps.
I too suspect it could be a network issue. Maybe my router is the problem.
On my MacBook in the same network with Snow it works just fine so maybe you're right that there is some kind of network issue with Leopard. Too bad I cannot upgrade my iMac G5 to Snow...
Thank you for your answer!
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