Wednesday, July 15, 2009


FMTouch Developer Version - Test Submitted to Apple

If you have been following along, FMWebschool has been working on a developer version of FMTouch that will allow FileMaker developers to create FileMaker / FMTouch bundled solutions and then sell them (yourselves) on the iTunes store.

Pretty radical! This means you don't have to know any code - you will just create your FileMaker solution - bundle it with FMTouch and then we will compile it so it meets Apples guidelines - and then you submit it to Apple to be sold on the Apple App store.

We are testing this theory now with an application we have submitted named: FMGolf

If Apple approves our trial run - then we will sell a developer version of FMTouch that will allow for rapid development of iPhone Applications for FileMaker developers.

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So, I had a look at the runtime bundle that is now on sale at the apple store ... and am guessing that it means you are ready to release the Developer Version you were describing. Any more details at this time ?
Is there anything new, you know when it might be released?
Is there any word on this approval from Apple? Waiting anxiously to hear if this project will move forward.
so, any news about apple vs fmtouch?
i can't wait for this, i got some ideas to work on
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