Friday, May 29, 2009


FMTouch Saves Patirent from Medical Mishap

Raylene Renfrow has developed a great FileMaker iPhone application called "My Medical History". You can see it here.

Little did she know that her application would help to save someones life. Her client - we will call him "Bob" for anonymity has a serious medical condition. Recently Bob was at the doctor for his routine visit when the nurse came in to give him a shot.

He asked the nurse what it was that she was giving him. When she told him, he said "I've already had that shot. She argued with him and wanted to continue on and give him the shot.

He opened "My Medical History" on his iPhone and showed her that he had already received the shot - and asked her to check her records. The nurse left and went to verify his story. She came back and told him that he was correct - and that she was extremely sorry.

He emailed her a copy of his Medical History report - the report contained his photo - and all of his medical history. Raylene tells me that the nurse was amazed and asked him how he did it.

Since Bob has a serious medical condition it is extremley important for him to have all of his medical information with him.

Raylene also went on to tell me that the reason he had called - and told her the story because he wanted to get her KidID kit for the iPhone and wanted to know if she was going to make "Vital Info" (A complete record of ALL your personal, medical, financial etc., business in case you are unable or unavailalbe to handle your affairs.

Great job Raylene!

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