Friday, October 17, 2008


We had the skill to build the best Apple App - do you have the courage to play?

We had the skill to build the best Apple App - do you have the courage to play?

Are you cunning? Do you have the wit and savvy of a major strategist? Are you chocked filled with daring do? Can you calculate your enemies movements like James Bond of yesteryear? Then you are a perfect match for “place exciting musical score here” Battleship2Go.

Never before has there existed such a perfect game as Battleship2Go - mostly because we just created it. But don’t let that stop you from playing - we think, this is the most exciting game available for the Apple iPhone and should probably be the standard by which all other games are designed. We cover modesty in our new book, “Battleship2Go - Modest Moments, A Tale of a lonely Seaman“.

Now on to annihilation and destruction. Battleship2Go is a classical nautical warfare game that enables you to - STOP! OK, wait Mr. Narrator none of that advertising lingo! Tell me why I should spend my hard earned money to become one of the lucky owners of Battleship2Go. I need to know, Is it fun? Is it easy to use? Is it contagious? Will it cure boredom? Does it make loud noises that will annoy others while sitting at restaurant? Can I play it under my desk or conference room table without my boss knowing? I am constantly besieged with scrutiny.

These are all extremely valid points and they should be addressed. However I made a promise to only use my “q” key twice in this tome and to answer these questions would certainly push my “q” quota over the top however I digress.

Battleship2Go is the definition of fun. You can challenge the computer to a daring game of strategy! If the computer wins, blame it on chance or that the game is rigged. If you win, mock the inadequacies of computer simulated play and rest upon the laurels of your superior knowledge. Battleship2Go is extremely easy to use, and you can begin playing against the computer, others in your office or even a friend from across the globe. For those of you that are literalist, you are not actually leaning over “said globe”; you are actually playing against someone that resides in a country other than the one you inhabit.

Is Battleship2Go contagious? Well yes and no. If you are talking about contagious in a bacterial sense of the term - then yes, once you start playing you will want to keep playing. However if you are referring to contagious such as - viral, then no, we can assure you that our game is virus free. Outstanding question however.

Battleship2Go will cure boredom and it will also give your fingers something to do other than text messaging. That is of course, unless you are texting to your friends about Battleship2Go and if so, by all means don’t let us stop you.

Battleship2Go is full of noises and twists and turns, the excitement level that you achieve from each game will actually build up in your system and counter any built up boredom. * This incremental increase of excitement elixir will free you of any pent up boredom and destroy the evils of binge eating brought about by boredom. We have been so successful at curing boredom and binge eating we almost used the tag line “This App will help you lose weight and make money”.

I know this all sounds too good to be true, but we are too vain to say otherwise. Where can you go to learn more about Battleship2Go? Well the Apple App store of course! I’ve made a tiny URL so you can easily find Battleship2Go. and if you just cannot get enough of Battleship2Go and our magnificent diatribes about absolutely nothing, please visit our lovely new site - we’ll leave the turrets up for you.

* disclaimer - this does not include any type of chocolate cake or my moms secret brownie recipe.

Battleship2Go where our turrets always point skyward.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


We are just a Twitter away

As a child I used to drive my father crazy with my constant questions. I'd wait for his favorite TV show, sit on his lap and then ask "why did he do that?" What's he gonna do now?" "Why does he have a gun?" So now, a year later I no longer sit on my fathers lap (my stint with the Adkins diet being totally unsuccessful) - but I do still incessantly ask questions. It seems to annoy him just ever so slightly and let's face it I'm amused by simple things. I'm a programmer and my life is filled with 1's and 0's.

I'm sure you didn't notice but I had to pause from typing for a moment just to go on. You may be asking yourself now, what the heck is this blog post all about? Well please don't, if you read the first paragraph you know that I am the one asking the questions.

Ok, I digress the blog post is actually about following us programmers on Twitter. If you would like to be a part of our rantings, or get updates immediately on product releases, updates, new features, rants and great cookie recipes then by all means, please follow us at Twitter.

Now you have a couple of options, you can either follow me the good looking modest developer here at FMWebschool, or Michael Petrov who wears shorts to work and is on a badminton team. I don't know, ocassionally I will wear a kilt to work or some sort of Davy Crockettish clothing but, shorts and a "logo ridden" t-shirt - it just is to much.

So anyways if you would like some serious dialog with me please twitter me - Stephen Knight at
Twitter hyper good looking genius at Twitter

Or you can Twitter Mr. Petrov - world class badminton player and culinary expert at - Michael Petrov Twitter extraordinare.

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Sorry to be personal, but are you stylish?

Hello fellow touchers - outside it's a cold miserable rainy day, but here inside the FMWebschool office it's nothing but sunshine and flowers. Why is that? Well I'll tell you. We have a new style guide written by none other than style guru Sir Andy Gaunt.

If your FMTouch solution is not adorned in Mr. Gaunt's stylings, you may want to take a peek at his exquisite offerings. Style Guide. The Style Guide is a cornacopia of information on font sizes, colors, layout design and more. The new style guide can change your database from ordinary to extraordinary.

Listen to what Maggie Baker had to say. "Before using the style guide my database was ordinary. And after using the style guide it was well, extraordinary." Of course we made that up but if there is a Maggie Baker using FMTouch and if she is using the style guide, I am quite sure those very words would have flown freely from her lips.

So be sure to download your copy of the style guide today, and make your database the envy of the FileMaker community.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Burning the Midnight Oil

I'm looking at the clock midnight is creeping around putting a stranglehold on my development time. I'm listening to Billy Joel's Cold Spring Harbor on iTunes - I believe this CD to be some of his greatest work.

We are all working late here working on our own masterpiece - well nothing that comes remotely close to the brilliance of Mr. Joel... I mean he did marry a supermodel after all and he has had I don't know seemingly hundreds of hit songs. Last time I checked programmers just don't get that kind of recognition. I did date a cheerleader once - but I'm sure that doesn't count.

Yes, back to why we are as the title says "Burning the Midnight Oil". We've been working on several exciting projects. First version 1.30 of FMTouch. The next version of FMTouch will include some amazing new features that will help to establish the iPhone as a serious competitor in the business Application market. Over the next few days I will be giving you a blow by blow of our development and release cycle.

We will also be launching our new developer and ready made template section of our website. We have some of the top developers in the industry creating some great new ready made FileMaker templates for you to use on your iPhone. We will also be tying all of this together with

Andy Gaunt of FMPug will also be releasing a new style guide. Thousands of FileMaker users have downloaded this great educational guide on how to develop databases for the iPhone. Links to the style guide will be posted at

Well Nocturne is beginning to play - so for now - I will say good night. Thank you Mr. Joel for the inspiration.

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