Saturday, December 20, 2008


How do I delete a file off FMTouch?

Hello everyone, I've received several emails on how to delete database files off of the iPhone. So, here you go, a fast and furious tutorial.

Step 1. Click on the lovely FMStudio icon on your iPhone or iPod touch.

Step 2. Once FMTouch launches, click on the little "i" in the right hand bottom corner.

Step 3. Select the database from the list by touching it with your finger.

Step 4. Select the trashcan image.

Step 5. Select either Delete or Cancel from the list

Enjoy FMTouch!

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is the blog/software dead?

just wondering since I am planning on getting an iPhone and this app would be essential to me...
oh, an one thing: is the soft compaible with Bento 2?
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