Thursday, October 2, 2008


Burning the Midnight Oil

I'm looking at the clock midnight is creeping around putting a stranglehold on my development time. I'm listening to Billy Joel's Cold Spring Harbor on iTunes - I believe this CD to be some of his greatest work.

We are all working late here working on our own masterpiece - well nothing that comes remotely close to the brilliance of Mr. Joel... I mean he did marry a supermodel after all and he has had I don't know seemingly hundreds of hit songs. Last time I checked programmers just don't get that kind of recognition. I did date a cheerleader once - but I'm sure that doesn't count.

Yes, back to why we are as the title says "Burning the Midnight Oil". We've been working on several exciting projects. First version 1.30 of FMTouch. The next version of FMTouch will include some amazing new features that will help to establish the iPhone as a serious competitor in the business Application market. Over the next few days I will be giving you a blow by blow of our development and release cycle.

We will also be launching our new developer and ready made template section of our website. We have some of the top developers in the industry creating some great new ready made FileMaker templates for you to use on your iPhone. We will also be tying all of this together with

Andy Gaunt of FMPug will also be releasing a new style guide. Thousands of FileMaker users have downloaded this great educational guide on how to develop databases for the iPhone. Links to the style guide will be posted at

Well Nocturne is beginning to play - so for now - I will say good night. Thank you Mr. Joel for the inspiration.

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